Study Says That People With Lots Of Friends Share More Interesting Events


Did you know, if you don’t have a lots of friends on facebook it means you are not sharing your everyday life related event.

According to a new study published in Heliyon, People who share more about their life events or materialistic people tends to have a lot more facebook friends than those who are non-materialistic.

Study Says That People With Lots Of Friends Share More Interesting Events

Materialistic people would like to spend more time on Facebook than others and are also  more likely to compare their lives of others on the social network.

Study explain why this occur and they called it the Social Self- Regulation Theory.

Philip Ozimek leader of this research paper said that materialistic people use more Facebook and more often. It’s all because they tends to objectify their Facebook friends.

Ozimek said that they acquire friends just for increasing their possessions.

The author conducted their research on 531 Facebook users. He divided them in two groups.

The first group was of 242 users and goes through pilot study while the second group aimed to replicate the first group’s result.

Both groups were asked some questions like

  • How they use facebook?
  • How much they compare themselves from other?
  • What is the level of their materialism?
  • How much they think of facebook friends as objects?
  • How much status or other benefits they can gain from their facebook friends.

They were also asked to share the number of their facebook friends and followers.

In both the group pilot and replication, researcher team found a very high correlation between a high number of facebook friends, comparing themselves from other, friends as object, time to spent on facebook.

Researchers were very careful to stress that there is nothing bad inherently about how they use social site.

On the contrary, researchers said that this is just how some people achienve their goals and have fun.

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