Shocking Alien News ! Alien-Hunting Scientists Detect 15 Radio Signals


Scientist working on finding alien around the world, had detect 15 radio signals coming from galaxy 2.4 Billion light-years away.

An international collaborative project to look for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, has employed its high-precision instruments to look at a one-of-a-kind astronomical event, the fast radio burst (FRB) 121102.

What are FRBs

FRBs are brief and extremely energetic pulses of the radio waves whose mysterious origin has puzzled scientists for the last two years. FRB 121102 is even more special, as it’s the only one that repeats itself. This characteristics has allowed for detailed studies the source, with Breakthrough Listen detecting 15 high-frequency pulses during just two 30-minute scans of that patch of the sky. This suggests that it’s in a more active state.

Host Galaxy

The host galaxy is small, only a fifth of the milky way in diameter, but it is producing stars at an incredible rate. The signal originates from a large stellar nursery, so researchers proposed an extremely powerful magnetic neutron star.

Aliens or no aliens, FRB 121102 continues to surprise us. Many teams around the world are determined to work out exactly what’s behind it, and hopefully, we’ll soon find out.

Shocking Alien News ! Alien-Hunting Scientists Detect 15 Radio Signals
The Green Bank Telescope. Zack Frank/Shutterstock


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