Researchers Creates A New Heroin Vaccine That Helps Users Quit By Blocking It’s Effects


Researchers have developed a vaccine against heroin that works by blocking its narcotic effects. In other words, it prevents the user from feeling anything, undercutting the purpose of taking the drug at all.

This might stop physical addiction, but not the other factors that drive drug abuse, which concerns many addiction specialists.

A single shot of this vaccine would work for a week at a time, with the best formulation blocking the effects for at least eight months if given every three months.

The researchers even think the vaccine can protect against lethal overdose. Thus far it has been used successfully in monkey and mice, with human trials on the horizon.

The heroin vaccine showcases the fact that. while there are many physical components to heroin crisis in the US, the problem is also driven by socio-economic factors.

(Via – Futurism)

I hope, this drug will change the future of all who want to stop as said by chemist Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute told The Guardian “If you don’t want to stop them nothing will help. The idea is that if they have a moment of weakness, they won’t relapse and can continue with their therapy.

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