OMG! Tattoos Particles Actually Travel Through Our Blood Stream


For the first time, science has confirmed that nanoparticles from tattoos actually travel through our blood stream.

We decorating our skin permanently with ink without knowing that what effects they have in our bodies.

But, Now, for the first time, scientist have found evidence that both pigments and impurities from the tattoo ink can travel around your body as nanoparticles.

“No one checks the chemical composition of the colours, but our study shows that maybe they should,” said researcher Hiram Castillo.

The composition of tattoo pigments could have an unknown effect on the body They contain preservatives and contaminants such as cobalt, chromium, manganese and nickel. Allergic and other reactions to tattoo inks are not common.

“In future experiments we will also look into the pigment and heavy metal burden of other, more distant internal organs and tissues in order to track any possible biodistribution of tattoo ink ingredients throughout the body,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

The article has been published on the Science Website ScienceAlert.

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