New technology makes stealing easier: ‘I tell you, I’m terrified’

Conway, SC (WPDE) —Hackers have a new way of stealing your credit card information. It is called a shimmer and it almost impossible to detect.

“It’ll be very difficult to tell what it is. It’s changed a lot through the years, it used to be people would see something inside of it and if you were paying attention you could say that doesn’t look right,” said Stanton Greenawalt, a professor at HGTC that teaches information technology.

“I tell you, I’m terrified,” he said about these new devices.

Hacking device called skimmers have been used in areas across the country, including Conway, according to police. But those can been seen because they go outside of a card reader.

“I always do test it. I always make sure before I put my credit card in. I’ll put my hand over it to make sure it doesn’t seem like there’s been anything attached to it,” said Greenawalt.

Skimmers and shimmers are usually put on card readers at ATMs or gas pumps.

“I’ve heard of card skimmers, but I didn’t know they could do it at gas stations,” said Jacquel Blackwell, who lives in Conway.

To protect your money from skimmers, look closely before you swipe. To protect your money from shimmers, regularly check your bank account for suspicious activity.

They say, if you have a smartphone, it will try to pair with your device.

So, to keep your information safe, you can pull your phone out and turn on Bluetooth whenever you’re at a gas station or ATM.

Visit the settings section and review the Bluetooth feature. If a skimmer is there, a suspicious string of letters or numbers will show up and try to get you to connect.

Officials say you shouldn’t actually connect to it, but if you see it report the location to the police as soon as possible.


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