Microsoft Rolls Out LinkedIn Integration In

 LinkedIn, a business networking site, starting pat off in term of product. Microsoft announced on 31/10/2017 that LinkedIn integration with is live.

This integration will allow users to view insights, profile picture and other important things right from their inbox.
Microsoft is going to add LinkedIn to outlook discussed before in September.
There, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella previewed how this service could be helpful for Office 365 Subscribers.
He previewed how office 365 subscribers with LinkedIn profiles would soon be able to view LinkedIn information within Microsoft app.
An outlook user researched the person they are meeting with using LinkedIn profile.
Integration between LinkedIn and other Microsoft products were also announced at Microsoft Ignite.
This is going to be the first time when LinkedIn data found its way into the email.
Before Microsoft bought LinkedIn, LinkedIn acquired a smaller company called Rapportive.
What Rapportive does is that it made a popular Gmail add-in that integrates social profile data in Gmail web app.
It later revamped the app to focus more on LinkedIn integration other than other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
What new Outlook integration will do is customers can click on an email contact’s name right in their inbox.
Then the customer can view a rich contact card that includes a link to their LinkedIn profile.
With a click, we will be able to see a mini version of their profile right in this pop-up office profile card.
That mini version will include highlights like mutual connection or shared work experience.
You can also opt to connect with the contact on LinkedIn.
Microsoft Rolls Out LinkedIn Integration In
This feature isn’t unique to Microsoft’s Outlook. Various startups have offered similar dossiers on email contact like Charlie, Superhuman.
Microsoft said last month that the integration between Outlook and LinkedIn would roll out to on the web. It will also roll out to SharePoint and OneDrive for business.
It will also become available for Windows, Outlook for iOS other Office products in the months ahead.

Microsoft said that this integration begins starting now. And it will reach all customers by the end of November.

Source – Data written here is from Tech Website TechCrunch. Article is edited for length and style.

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