Getting Spanked As A Child Can Lead To A Host Of Mental Health Problems In Adulthood

 Researchers Of University of Michigan Conduct a research on how Spanking effect Childhood.
Researchers found that getting spanked as a child, lead to mental heath problem in future.

Social Work Professors Andrew Grogan – Kaylor and Shawan Lee from U-M told a shocking thing.
Team said that these types of violence and spanking lead adults to fell depressed. They try to attempt suicide. Or drink at moderate to heavy levels. Or also use illegal drugs.
Childhood spankings can lead to adult mental health problems
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What Is Spanking ?

Spanking is to make a feel of pain to child without any injury by using physical force. It’s all about controlling the youth’s behavior.
This study used data from the CDC-Kaiser ACE Study. They sampled around more than 8300 people. All peoples were ranging from 19 to 97 years.
Study participants completed self-reports. While seeking routine health checks at an outpatient clinic.
Researchers asked Participants about, how and who spanked to them. What’s their household background. And if an adult inflicted physical or emotional abuse.
In this study, researchers found that around 55% of participants reported being spanked.
Study also found that men were more to experience childhood spanking than women.
Study showed that those who reported exposure to spanked had more health problems. Also they had increased odds of depression.
Associate professor, Tracie Afifi said that it’s important to prevent child from maltreatment. But with this, we also need to prevent harsh parenting.
Lee, a faculty associate said that we can achieve this by promoting parenting program. These parenting program will be of evidence-based.
Also, we should design policies to prevent early adversities and risk factor said Lee.
“Prevention should be a critical direction for public health initiatives to take.”


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