Children Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mother : Study Says


A new research suggests that it is the mother’s genes that influence and determine a child’s intellect. While the father’s genes are present  within the children, they lie suppresses. Nonetheless, paternal genes do play a role in the intelligence of their children.

According to the researcher at the University of Washington, when it comes to intelligence, children take after their mother. Research suggests that it is the women who are more likely to transmit genes that shape the child’s intelligence.

Researcher supported their findings by noting that genes influencing intelligence are carried on the X chromosome, and women have two of these. Men, or father, have only a single X chromosome.

Research suggests that genes responsible for advanced cognitive functions are inherited from the father’s side as well. But they are either automatically deactivated or remain suppressed.

The study says that intelligence is one of the few conditioned genes that works only when it comes it comes from the mother. In other words, even if the child does inherit the smartness genes from the father, they lie deactivated.

After researching on the rat, scientists concluded that brain development happens because of the mother’s genes, but how well a child’s body develops depends on the father’s genes.

(Via – Inquisitir)

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