Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Write The Next Game Of Thrones Book


Minutes after the epic finale of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, fans of the show were already dismayed to hear that the final, six-episode season of the series isn’t set to air until spring 2019.

Are you tired of waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish his latest installment of A Song of Ice And Fire, called The Winds of Winter? Well, maybe you don’t have to be.

A software engineer called Zack Thoutt has used artificial intelligence (AI) to try to write the book himself, reports  Motherboard. Known as a recurrent neural network (RNN), it has trawled through the 5,376 pages of the first five books, and has taken a stab at writing the sixth.

The results are interesting, if not grammatically perfect. Thoutt began each chapter supplyig a prime word to the RNN, and then told it how many words to write. Then the network was left to its own devices.

It goes on to take its own direction with the story, introducing a new character called Greenbeard. It predicts Jamie Lannister will *gasp* kill his sister Cersei, and that dragon queen Daenerys will be poisoned by her advisor Varys.

(Via – IFLScience,MotherBoard)

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